Top 5 Reasons We Love St. Petersburg and Clearwater

Top 5 Reasons We Love St. Petersburg and Clearwater

The Tampa Bay area is progressively growing to become one off the hottest spots in Florida. From the picturesque, beachside views to the ever-growing art and culture scene, it’s no wonder Canadians continue to buy Florida real estate in the area. These are the ultimate sunshine cities in the sunshine state, offering residents and visitors convenient, consistent climates, low-costs for living and all sorts of outdoor, year-round activities.

Thinking of buying real estate in Clearwater or “the Burg” but not quite positive yet? Do you want to know a bit more about what makes both cities such prime locations and beautiful spots to live? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons we think Clearwater and St. Petersburg are both astounding areas for Canadian Snowbirds. Whether you choose to visit or stick around, don’t be surprised when these cities suck you in. After experiencing a few days in paradise, you’ll never want to leave!

Backyard Beaches

It’s Florida, people. We’re not going to gloss over the most appealing feature it offers residents and visitors – the beautiful beaches that are literal steps from your door. Both cities are situated right on the Gulf of Mexico, and each offers you dozens of different, distinct beaches to choose from. Want a calm, relaxing day floating in the waves? Head over to the award-winning Pass-a-Grille Beach (the locals call it St. Pete Beach). More interested in white sand and, excitement, and plenty of people to splash around in the crystal-clear water with? Clearwater Beach is the spot for you. What if you’re looking to wax nostalgia and want to visit a beach that will take you back in time to the days of your youth, with tourist-lined shops, inflatable slides, and beach cottages dotting the sand? Treasure Island is they key.
All of these options can be just minutes – if not steps—away from your home. Catch a beautiful sunset from beachside, roof top bars and restaurants, or hunker down in the sand to enjoy nature’s goodnight show. Either way, you won’t be lacking for scenic, fun beachy areas in the St. Pete – Clearwater area.

Canadians buying vacation real estate in Clearwater Florida
White sand beaches of Clearwater Beach Florida.

Year-Round Weather

You know what else Florida is known for (besides beaches)? Sunshine. That’s right, they didn’t nickname it the Sunshine State for nothing, and both St. Pete and Clearwater are about the sunniest cities in the entire state. In fact, St. Petersburg is nicknamed the sunshine city for its record-breaking 768 days or consecutive sunshine – no snow or wintry weather here, folks. Because of this consistent weather, both St. Pete and Clearwater allow for year-round activities that other northern cities wouldn’t. Want to kayak in December? Go for it. Want to take a dip in the Gulf in January? No one will stop you, and in fact, you certainly won’t be alone. In addition to this, you’ll also be subjected to regularly available fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Some of these things just don’t go away! Orange blossom and aloe, oranges and mangoes, palm fronds and palm trees, these things come together with living in Florida, and they don’t disappear!

Clearwater beach real estate for Canadian Snowbirds
Beautiful beaches in the Clearwater, St. Pete’s area benefit from an abundance of sunny days


 Low Cost of Living

We can talk on end about the fun, festive things that happen in both cities, but when it comes right down to it, living in these cities doesn’t cost too much. Barring the idea that you want a beachside paradise mansion, it’s not terribly expensive to settle down and make a home in either of these beachy, touristy cities. For starters, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, which is an awfully nice perk. Additionally, property taxes are much lower, and home prices are typically less expensive than other, comparable homes in various parts of the country. Kick in that you won’t need to purchase winter clothes or supplies for the rest of your life, and it’s hard not to acknowledge the savings! Your money goes farther in Florida, and especially in these two cities. Clearwater alone has a 3.8 percent lower cost of living than the rest of Florida’s average – which is about 2.5 percent lower than the national average to boot. The cost of living in St. Petersburg is 5 percent lower than the Florida average, and 6 percent lower than the national average as well.

Unlimited Activities

The beautiful thing about these cities is that the culture is growing feverishly. Every single weekend you’ll be able to attend some exciting art festival, a concert, a farmer’s market or a beach party. There’s no end the festivities. Every day brings something different. Want live music on a Wednesday? There’s a multitude of spots available. How about a round of yoga with a craft beer to finish off the night? Check out one of the dozens of breweries popping up all over the area for special classes. First Friday events in both cities run rampant with drinks, food, friends, and entertainment lining the downtown areas.

St. Petersburg Art Walk


Canadians buying Florida real estate
Clearwater Jazz Festival

Pedestrian and Pet Friendly

One of the best, and most exciting, features of both of these cities is their insane walkability. If necessary, you really don’t need a car to access and live in either of these places. Take St. Petersburg for example. The downtown area is packed into one square mile, and it’s surrounded not only by bay-lined parks for miles, but also dozens of neighbourhoods and residential living spaces. It’s packed with pedestrian and bike lanes, and offers tons of ride-sharing programs. Clearwater is no different. The city itself is fairly sprawling, but the downtown, tourist, and beach areas are relatively close together, making walking, biking, skateboarding, or ride sharing no problem. Additionally, Florida is almost entirely flat, these two cities included, so incline and decline are not often issue when it comes to walking. What’s even more exciting? Both cities top the list of pet-friendliest cities not only in Florida, but in the United States. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bar, restaurant, festival, or event in these cities where you pooch is not allowed to join in on the fun with you.

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