The Grove Residences Update: Family Resort Ownership for Canadians

The Grove Residences Update: Family Resort Ownership for Canadians

Attention Canadians looking to purchase real estate in Orlando, Florida!
Towering buildings, sweeping views of Central Florida, lakes and pools surrounding you everywhere you turn – this is the landscape of The Grove Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida. Recognized as one of the top resorts in not just Central Florida, but in the entire state of Florida, the Grove is a self-described home away from home in the middle of the state, located just miles away from attractions like Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. For Canadian Snowbirds looking for Orlando style action, as well as families with young kids, The Grove Residences are worth a serious look.

With nearly 900 residences of both two and three-bedroom homes that circle Lake Austin’s 22 acres, each residence offers tenants full resort style amenities. We’re talking luxurious bars, restaurants, lagoon-style pools, lazy rivers, surf simulation pools, spas, and more! What’s better? The Grove recognizes that most owners will be using their space seasonally. Instead of forcing you to pay and eat the cost for the time you don’t spend there, The Grove offers you the chance to place it into a rental program while you’re away!

The Grove Resort - Florida Real Estate for Canadians
Lounge Area
The Grove Residences - Real Estate For Canadians
Lobby Bar

Why Is The Grove a Good Fit For Candians?

The Grove Resort & Spa is one of the most high-end, premier opportunities in Central Florida real-estate. The location, partnered with Benchmark, the global hospitality company that’s recognized as the leading force in the hospitality industry.

Saying that the Grove Resort is massive is an unjust understatement – spanning over 8,000 acres, this property contains nearly 17,000 two-to-three-bedroom units with over 2 million square feet of commercial, retail, and hospitality space. When the Grove Resort opened its doors in March of 2017, it offered residents and guests 184 of its 878 residential style suites, three swimming pools, a spa, a fitness center, bars, lounges and a lakefront pier with watersports. This was just the beginning. The Grove plans to expand indefinitely (with some of the more concrete construction plans included in our next paragraph covering updates and renovations).

In addition to being a space that features all the amenities you’d ever have to need, in the event that you do want to leave the premises, The Grove is only three miles away from one of the Walt Disney World entrances, and not much farther from popular Orlando attractions like Sea World and Universal Studios. Not to mention it’s near some of the best luxury shopping in the Central Florida area (Valentino, Gucci, Veneta, and the like).

But The Grove itself is designed to be a destination of its own. With craft beer, bars, self-serve food, gelato, ice cream, paddleboat adventures, kayaking, swimming and more – why would you ever need to leave? There’s also over 6,000 square feet of flexible, indoor space with poolside areas, a lawn, and garden alfresco venues for intimate meetings, large groups, or any other event you may be hosting.

What’s New and Exciting at the Grove?

The beautiful and exciting thing about the Grove community is that it’s constantly changing. Every time its residents turn around, a new update is in the works, a building is being renovated, or some structural improvement is being made. That’s the wonderful thing about this community – constant betterment and improvement.

Lately, the Grove has been focusing on a few specific remodels and updates. One of the most exciting is the Surfari Water Park Update. By spring of 2018, The Grove will have built an updated splash-park featuring pools, kid-s activities, slides and more in an empty space that once existed. Though currently in production, the construction is on-target and the project should be completed on time. They encourage residents to check their site regularly for updates!
Additionally, one of the Grove’s most notable additions was a Starbucks that was completed in 2017, with additional room available in the two-story building (with approximately 31,000 square feet) for other businesses, offices, and retail associations.


Has the Grove Been Recognized for Its Unique and Innovative Design?

Given the size, status, and overall reputation of The Grove Resort and Spa, it’s impossible to imagine that this delightfully designed, state-of-the-art architectural wonder hasn’t been adorned with dozens of accolades.
In fact, the developer has been recognized with both regional and national awards for the inception, design, and implementation of this elaborate resort. Three of the industry’s highest honors have been bestowed upon The Grove, including: Florida’s Best Builder and Builder of the Year by The Builder’s Association of South Florida; and the Best Builder by the National Association of Home Builders, as well. These coveted awards were gifted to the grove for its portfolio comprised of 8,000 acres built for 17,000 residential units over 2 million square feet.

But the awards certainly don’t stop there. In 2017, The Orlando Business Journal named The Grove Resort & Spa the Top Hospitality Project in 2017 for the Structure Awards. This award was given to The Grove for their extreme sensitivity to the environment, proximity to the top theme parks, and an intense sense of security and place that the resort provided its owners and its guests.

Even more awards have been awarded to the Grove Resort & Spa since its conception, spanning all the way to its opening. It’s claimed over 50 FAME awards, nearly 35 BEST Awards, and has claimed Best of Show Three times. It’s even won the South Florida’s Best recognition from the Miami Herald and the Builders association of South Florida.

Florida Real Estate Condo For Canadians
The Groves Residences – Orlando, Florida


Why Should Canadians Consider Buying Property at The Grove Resort & Spa?

If the location, space, residential options, and never-ending list of resort-style amenities don’t appeal enough to you for some reason, The Grove Resort & Spa has a few more details up its sleeve that make it the ideal property.
Run by Benchmark Hospitality, this resort is guaranteed to make all your resort dreams come true. This award-winning company is the best in the hospitality industry, known for resorts all over the globe and its internationally-approved rate of excellence.

The Grove Resort & Spa has won dozens of awards for its building integrity, design, and hospitality features. But more than that, it provides residents and tenants with a place to call home that features full amenities, never-ending activities, and proximity to major attractions — bringing you the ultimate Florida experience you’ve been striving to live.

And finally, being located in the Orland area means flights from major departure cities in Canada are plentiful and normally reasonable.

For more information on The Grove Residences including floorplans, pricing and video tour please visit the property page. Registration required.



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