Table of Contents: Quick Jump

  1. Introduction
    • Canadians Love Affair With Florida By The Numbers
  2. Florida Real Estate Regions Popular With Canadians
    • Southwest Florida (Tampa to Naples)
    • Southeast Florida (West Palm Beach To Miami)
    • Central Florida (Orlando and Kissimmee Area)
  3. The Ins and Outs of Buying Florida Real Estate for Canadians
    • Why Now is a Good Time to Buy Despite the Looney
    • Should You Purchase With Cash or Credit?
    • Mortgage Financing for Canadians Purchasing in The US
    •  The Process of Buying Real Estate in Florida
    • Title And Closing Guidelines
    • Closing Costs
  4. Different Types of Florida Real Estate For Canadians
    • Purchasing New Home vs. Resale
    • Master Plan Communities vs Regular Neighbourhood
    • HOA Fees and Condo Fees in Florida
    • What Are CDD Fees?
    • What Is A Deed Restricted Community
    • Who Takes Care of Your Home When You Are Not Using It?
  5. Home Insurance For Canadians Wintering In Florida
    • Insurance For Florida Real Estate Owned By Canadians
    • Tips To Keeping You Insurance Premiums as Low As Possible
    • What Does A Typical Insurance Policy Cost in Florida?
    • Securing Quality Flood Insurance Coverage
    • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Real Estate in The United States
  6. Taxation Concerns and Other Legal Requirements For Canadians
    • What Canadians Need to Know About Florida Tax
    • US Tax Requirements for Non- Residents
    • Ownership Options For Us Real Estate Property
    • Florida Property Taxes
    • Tax Implications When Selling Florida Vacation  Property
    • Tax Implication of Passing Your Property To Heirs
    • Estate Planning & Owning Florida Real Estate
    • Moving To Florida As A Legal Resident
    • Types of US Visas Every Canadian Should Know About
    • US Border Regulations
    • IRS Residency Regulation
  7. Foreign Exchange Strategies, Ownership & Travelling Tips
    • Introduction
    • Can Mortgage Financing Help?
    • Ownership Trends
    • Health Insurance Coverage
    • Travel Tips For Canadians Visiting Florida