Babcock Ranch: Community Update

Babcock Ranch: Community Update

In the heart of Southwest Florida, just miles north of the beautiful, beach town of Fort Myers, a village with a new take on sustainability, quality of life, and happiness is blooming. 

Babcock Ranch, Florida, one of Snowbird Realty’s hand selected new communities, is located on a massive collection of property that’s been owned by the Babcock Family for over nine decades. Purchased in 1914, the Babcock Family kept this land until it was sold to Town Maker Kitson & Partners in 2006. Previously used for lumber, alligator farming, experimental ostrich breeding, hunting leases and more, the land was sold off in 2006 and began development as a town that could house over 19,500 residences, a quaint downtown, green spaces, lakes and trails. Ultimately, the goal is to house over 10,000 residents.

But what makes Babcock Ranch such a special location? What makes it unique, distinct, and as many have described it, magnetic?

The answers to these questions do not lie in the structures built on the land, or even the land itself, but rather in the foundation that Babcock Ranch was built upon – the idea of building a sustainable city for all.

What Exactly Is Babcock Ranch, Florida?

The quaint, beautiful, and uniquely designed town of Babcock Ranch is rapidly blooming into the image set up by visionaries with a single idea – the creation of a town, village, or city where sustainability is key. The idea of sustainability, or rather, the aim to avoid depleting the earth of its natural resources, is at the core of everything that Babcock Ranch stands for and aims to build upon. This doesn’t just mean the residents who live here are required to recycle. Sustainability is written into everything this community does. From the building materials in the beginning to the energy sources that keep the town running, the entire aim is to minimize the environmental footprint of the town and those who live in it. Here, in Babcock ranch, over 80 percent of the Babcock land they’re building on will remain a preserve, conserving it and protecting it for the future. They plan to plant over 5,493 trees in their development process, as well. The idea, together with conservation, is to provide the hometown traditions famous to America with a firm grasp on the conveniences of the future. They include expansive public green spaces, solar generation power, free wi-fi everywhere in town, and a gigabyte of fiber-optic connectivity that’s standard for all those who live in the area. Spanning over the land will be nearly 19,500 homes with about six million square miles of commercial space.

What’s New with Babcock Ranch?

The beautiful thing about Babcock Ranch is that it’s ever-developing. Every day, new projects are being taken on, environmental issues tackled, and new families are moving into homes within this town’s limits. In fact, the real estate in Babcock Ranch, Florida is selling quicker than can be kept up with. There’s been so much interest in the town that the neighborhood school is full – an establishment that only opened in August of 2017. The interest keeps on climbing. Not only did more than 20,000 people attend the Founder’s Festival (over 10 times more than anticipated), there’s a backlog of eager buyers seeking environmentally sound homes in Babcock Ranch.

More than just the property and homes available, Babcock is continuously building out space for community gardens, energy efficient architecture (all Babcock homes must receive a Bronze Standard of Certification or higher from the Florida Green Building Coalition), and solar energy mechanisms (on over 440 acres of land at no additional cost to the residents of Babcock Ranch).


 Has Babcock Been Recognized for Their Unique Accomplishments?

The short answer to this? Yes! Babcock Ranch has received multiple awards for their innovation, focus on sustainability, and dedication to maintaining the idea of an old-fashioned, American hometown set in a futuristic, beneficial environment.

In May of 2017, Babcock Ranch, Florida received Ideal Living Magazine’s award for the Best of the Best in towns and residential communities for being an eco-friendly community in the state of Florida. The award was gifted to the community that has distinguished itself from concept to completion by respecting ecology of their locations, preserving large natural areas to ensure protection of local habitats and featuring homes and residencies that save water, energy, and are built with the environment in mind.

Babcock Ranch : Florida Real Estate Communities for Canadians

Why Should We Live in Babcock Ranch, Florida?

If the above incentives aren’t quite enough to swivel your head in Babcock Ranch’s direction, we’d love to provide you with a few more incentives and reasons that we think makes this Florida village one of the best communities in the state.

As we stated numerous times above, the sustainability and environmental-protection factors that are associated with this community go above and beyond any other communities in the country, let alone just the state of Florida. With building inspections and requirements for every establishment within the community limits, solar energy, free wi-fi for every citizen, fiber-optic connectivity, green spaces, and community gardens, what more could you want?

Another beautiful thing we love about Babcock Ranch is the community ideal of dedication toward charitable causes. The Babcock Ranch Foundation, a 501(c)3 is a community-wide, non-profit corporation that aims to enhance and implement projects that positively impact worth cause in Southwest Florida. They work with issues that directly affect children, enrich the health and wellness of Floridians, and try to develop technology that aims to monitor energy and protect the environment.

Further, there’s always plenty to do at Babcock Ranch. In this community, they recognize that where you grow up is important – the things you do, the people you meet, the home you live in, it all matters and plays a role in who you plan to become. Babcock Ranch sets up dozens of weekly activities that take place in Founders Square, the focal-point of downtown Babcock Ranch. With parties, races, shows, live music, scavenger hunts, kayak expeditions, adventures, and more, you certainly won’t be wanting for activities in Babcock Ranch.



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